-The Art of Still Life Photography -The Art of Still Life Photography

The Art of Still Life Photography

by Pavel Mentz

Enjoy and feel free to download your favorite photos directly from the author’s website

Still Life Collection

All offered photos were created in the traditional way by their author Pavel Mentz without the participation of AI creators.
Purchased artwork can be downloaded as a digital file from for the price of a good coffee: $7.99 or $10.99 for Premium Collection images.


Meet Pavel Mentz, a respected graduate of the Department of Painting and Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts with a Master of Arts degree and over 20 years of practice.

Pavel’s journey blends classical techniques and innate creativity, yielding a versatile artist who seamlessly merges tradition and the digital era…

Inspirations, Ideas, Arrangements...

Purchase, download the photo file and then send it to your favorite print shop or just use the digital version depending on your needs.

Digital versions of photos are a great convenience, and high quality files give you freedom and wide range of applications.
You can print it on photo paper, canvas, acrylic, and maybe a large-format photo wallpaper or just put it on your website, enjoy full freedom of choice and decide for yourself.