The Art of Still Life Photography

by Pavel Mentz

About Me

“Meet Pavel Mentz, a respected graduate of the Department of Painting and Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts with a Master of Arts degree and over 20 years of practice.

Pavel’s journey blends classical techniques and innate creativity, yielding a versatile artist who seamlessly merges tradition and the digital era.

In his photography of still lifes, he is inspired by classical oil painting with particular emphasis on Dutch Masters from the Golden Age baroque period, such as: Floris Claesz van Dijck, Jan Vermeer van Delft, Willem Claeszoon Heda, Abraham van Beyeren etc.

Each of Pavel’s creations seamlessly weaves imagination and technical mastery, reflecting the pursuit of beauty and harmony while maintaining an aura of mystery.”


for, M. Soleri, historian of Art

I grew up surrounded by works of art and antiques from the collection of my grandfather. Since childhood I have studied and copied illustrations from hundreds of albums about art and photography lying on the shelves of my old family home.

This environment significantly influenced my life choices and passions. My father’s  and my grandfather’s exceptional photographic sensibility ignited my artistic inclinations.

Join me on a journey through visual expression where I respect the heritage and strive to create my own mark.

with best regards,

My Roots

The photos below show my great great grandfather and my family ancestor .

Photos taken by my grandfather

Old historical photography documenting the world and the lives of ordinary people.